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Welcome to Lycon Canada!

LYCON Canada is excited to bring the revolutionary LYCON Waxing products to the Canadian marketplace! LYCON is a unique hair removal wax that is capable of removing hair as short as 1mm and is made from the finest resins, natural ingredients and aromatherapy oils to deliver a superior waxing experience. At LYCON Canada we believe that the secret to a great waxing experience lies in the composition of the wax itself. Our unique and effective formula makes the waxing service easier for the technicians and more comfortable for clients. LYCON's popularity in the European and Australian marketplace is due to a high level of technician and client satisfaction and we look forward to bringing those results to Canada.

In addition, to our wax we offer a complete product line of pre and post waxing products and accessories. We are also excited to be including the innovative BareEase™ Numbing Cream products to our product lineup. These exclusive products are to be applied prior to waxing to create a pain free waxing session!

LYCON Precision Waxing

Originating from Australia, LYCON is formulated to be elastic and pliable in order to allow for easy application and effective, long lasting results. LYCON’s low temperature and gentle formula provide nurturing and conditioning benefits for extra comfort and leave the skin feeling smooth and soft after waxing. In addition, LYCON's advanced Titanium Dioxide technology allows the wax to have superior grip without compromising flexibility and gentleness.

LYCON is the market leader in hair removal and a globally recognized brand distributed in over 53 countries. It is used by leading professional salons and spas throughout the world.

BareEase & Cream

BareEase & Cream is a numbing kit that helps reduce the pain inflicted from waxing sensistive areas. A combination of a 4% concentration of lidocaine-based cream and a latex panty, for optimal absorption, safely numbs your skin for 15-20 minutes. This makes for an ouchless session, getting rid of the unnecessary pain that often comes along with waxing treatments.

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